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BetterSite | Better site for your business!
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What we do?

We create positive image of enterprises by implementing professional website aplications such as brand and corporate websites, shops and portals. We provide our services for companies which expect the highest quality and maximum effectiveness in reaching its own clients..

Why we do that?

We have a passion for new marketing technologies and opportunities which the Internet gives. Also, we think that both professional and effective image in the Web is available for each company, not only for the biggest ones. Our actions show that even with limited funds you can effectively reach the customer, using the most modern Internet technologies.

How we do that?






The base of our services is our unique process of creating applications. It was repeatedly checked and it assures of best communication between client and the team performing the service. There is no room for lucky guess in our actions, that is why the final product is properly considered and customised to client’s needs – also from future maintenance cost perspective, what is often missed by our competition.


Goal: Collecting all essentials materials and doing all the preliminary work related to the beginning of the designing of the website.

Process: It is all about collecting all the suggestions and guidelines that are needed for a project. It also specifies the image and functionality of the website creating, and it enables to get into a current competition of a specific trade and get to know a potential recipient.

Effect: Document which consists of the set issues and the results of the analysis for client’s approval.

Gain: This kind of systematizing of works lets us create website of the highest quality, customised to client’s requests, standing out against the competition and also attractive for the users.

Graphic Project


Goal: Creating a proposal of website’s graphic design.

Process: In this phase we prepare a proposal of website’s graphic design. At this stage our Client can make changes to the project. Finally, he receives the complete work for the approval.

Effect: In the final version of the proposed project we are able to present the whole website with graphic elements and subpages.

Gain: Thanks to that scheme, client already at the working stage of the project knows how the final website will look like.

Creation, testing and implementation


Goal: Creating, testing and implementation of the website.

Process: Based on created graphic project, using specially prepared graphic elements, our specialist can begin programming and optimizing the website. Next step is the work on testing the website just prior to final implementation.

Effect: Finalized Internet website that meets all the requirements of proper operating tool.

Gain: The wbsite will be minutely implemented and it will meet all the newest technological requirements and the excpectations of the design.



Olszewskiego 6 Street
25-663 Kielce
+48 730 630 388

Branch in Cracow

61 Zawila street
30-390 Kraków
+48 730 338 693

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